N2 Booster Pump Applications are :

  • Accumulator Charging
  • Air Start Systems
  • Calibration
  • Down Hole Upstream Pressure Equalization
  • Helium Leak Detection
  • Liquefied Gas Transfer
  • Mixed Gas charging
  • Pressure Testing
  • Relief Valve Setting
  • Valve Actuation
  • Pressurized to specific levels of pressure and purity
  • Charging hydraulic accumulators
  • Gas reclaim from bottles
  • Boosting pressures from nitrogen generators
  • Boosting pressures from vaporized liquid nitrogen
  • Contaminant free operation with complete separation and isolation between the gas and air drive sections

Maximator Gas Booster Station Technical Specifications

  • Maximator Air Driven Gas Booster type DLE 75- 1-GG-FEC
  • Air Drive Control unit consisting of Air Filter, Regulator with Gauge and shut off valve
  • Gas Pressure Regulator with selector valve for using Nitrogen as drive medium
  • Gas Suction filter
  • Air Pilot Switch to shut off booster if suction pressure falls below 35bar
  • Working Pressure Outlet Gauge 0-10,000psi, 4”
  • Gas Outlet Shutoff valve
  • Gas Vent valve
  • SS316 Base plate with all elements plate mounted or like a back pack to mount on source cylinder itself