General Contracting & Construction

General Contracting & Construction

We aim to execute the construction works with high quality and acceptable costs by the application of our knowledge and experience in civil engineering and get the job done before the deadline. Our main principle is to lead our projects ac- cording to the international project manage- ment standards. We concentrate on Quality, Cost, Time and HSE requirements. We aim to hand over our projects to the clients with high quality, acceptable cost, without any delay and with ZERO incidents.

We have experienced Engineering team consists of many segments and achieving the following activities:

* Studying all the projects initiation documents and contracts
* Reviewing the design and communicating with the clients on technical Issues
* Planning, monitoring and coordination of the construction works
*Executing the construction works
* Observing and inspecting all the works onsite by our QA/QC plan
*Applying safety plan to stay always with zero incidents.

We can execute the iollowing types of projects:

* Multi storeys buildings (Concrete structures and steel structures)
* Normal houses constructing
* Roads works (Earthworks, Base course works, Asphalt and paving works)
* Sewer pipe-lines works
* High tension electric power works (high poles, transformers)
* Supplying all types ot construction materials to big projects and companies (Earth fill, Gravel. Base course (all sub-base materials). crushed gravel. crushed stone, sand, cement, SBR, epoxy, bituminous products. steel products, Water stopper products,shutters, steel sections)
* Supplying all types of construction machineries and vehicles to big projects and companies (Excavators. Front end loaders. Graders, Dump trucks, Water trucks. Rollers. Cranes, Forklilts, Bulldozers and all types 0f pickups and vehicles )